Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mickey White for U.S. Congress District 7 of Tennessee

My name is James B. “Mickey” White and I am running as an Independent candidate for the U.S. Congress District 7 of Tennessee seat. I was born in McKenzie Tennessee 49 years ago. I am married and I have one daughter. I have been a computer programmer most of my adult working life. I am a conservative Christian, and I am pro-Life and pro-Second Amendment. I believe that God gave us our rights and that the only purpose of the Federal Government is to protect those rights. Our forefathers wrote the Constitution, not to re-distribute the wealth or to intervene and dominate our lives, but to limit or govern the government. My political beliefs are much in line with the Constitution Party of Tennessee. My platform is the United States Constitution. I am running because our current Congressman, Marsha Blackburn, either does not understand the U.S. Constitution or simply chooses to ignore it. She calls herself a conservative republican, but her votes in Congress do not match her rhetoric. I will oppose any bill/proposal that is NOT Constitutional. I will oppose any bill which would increase the size, reach or cost of government. Similarly, if it decreases the size, reach and cost of government I will support it. If it increases the liberty of the individual, I will support it. If not, I will oppose it. Unlike our current representative, I will vote for less spending and less government. I will vote to cut spending on Foreign Aid. No where in the Constitution have I found that we are to give our tax dollars to other nations. Let people have the freedom to choose to give to other nations if they like, but do not take money intended for the operation of our government and give it to other nations. I will not support the United Nations. I believe sending your tax dollars to the United Nations is un-Constitutional. I will vote to get us out of the World Trade Organization and will vote against any trade bill such as CAFTA. I believe in keeping our country a sovereign nation. CAFTA is a dangerous agreement that threatens to override the laws of our country. Other Un-Constitutional spending that I will not vote for includes Education, Energy, Labor, Health and Human services, and Transportation. This type of spending is not allowed by the federal Constitution and belongs at the state level or should not be done by the government, period. I am not accepting money from any PAC, Political Party, Corporation, or from individuals based on the assumption that money can be used to “influence” votes. Money should not change my beliefs and principles. I believe that we should elect those who will be good stewards of our hard-earned money and that is why I ask only for your vote and support. With your help, we can put Constitutional Conservatives in the U.S. Congress, and turn this great country back to a Constitutional Republic. Thank you and God Bless America. Vote James B. “Mickey” White November 7th 2006